Busy eating is not good….

04 Nov

These past couple of days have been very, very busy.  The one thing I find most challenging in times like these in dealing with Crohn’s is what to eat when I’m on the go.  Most often I will have a granola bar and fresh fruit handy that I can grab and go.  But there are times, like this week, where there seems to be nothing I can eat.  I’m not great at pre-cooking food to take along, and pre-thinking what I will need for the coming few days.  So…..often times I just don’t eat if there is nothing safe.  Yuck….I don’t like being hungry.

I also don’t like how, since I’ve been so good for almost 2 years, it feels like it’s easier to slip and eat something I shouldn’t.  Especially when I’m really  hungry….it’s much harder to say no.  Take for instance all the kids’ Halloween candy.  It’s there…calling me.  I know I love it.  I know that it doesn’t necessarily love my gut.  I resisted, for the most part.  But even at that I’ve eaten more candy this week than in the past 2 years combined.  Thankfully it has not been very bad on my system.  That is NOT to say that, while on SCD, you can eat more candy.  I just happened to slip this week and have not had that bad of results.  I will keep telling myself though that I need to be careful.  I know that I can’t shut off my sweet tooth and cravings for baked goods very well, and know that if I give myself an inch, soon I’ll be taking the whole rope.  Then…well, life might not feel so good for a time!

Anyway….I’m taking some time to take care of me this morning.  The sink is overflowing with dishes.  The family needs clean clothes.  The house is a mess.  But…..I need some time for me.  I might make some portable foods for me to take this weekend, since the busyness continues for the next couple of days.  I think I’ve pushed my system about as far as I can push it, and need to just be a bit more aware and rein things in.  I’m not feeling any particular side-effects of the past few days.  I just know my body, and know I need to listen a bit more closely right now in order to avoid the things I don’t want to happen……

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Posted by on November 4, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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