Happy Birthday!!!

13 Nov

No, it’s NOT the day I was born onto this earth!  Yesterday was the date of 2 years living with Crohn’s.  I at first wanted to title this “Happy Anniversary!” but decided on Happy Birthday instead.  Why, you might ask?  Well, a few reasons……

Even though two years ago I was given a diagnosis of a disease that would change such a fundamental part of my life- eating- this is an occasion to celebrate.  For two years I’ve relied on a strength beyond me to maintain a way of life that has changed the course of this disease.  I went against what the doctors said I needed to do in order to live with this disease.  They said steroids and immunosuppresants.  They said I would be on these powerful drugs for the rest of my life, living each day/week/month/year just hoping that a serious flare would not happen.  They said that, in the course of this disease, I would likely need more and more powerful drugs as the years went on, and would most likely end up having surgery, multiple times, to take out areas of my colon.  At 35, I was given a diagnosis of not a fatal disease that would kill me in a short amount of time, but was a slow disease that would erode my body, and my way of life.


What they said didn’t sit well with me.  I didn’t believe that diet played NO role in this disease.  I also believed that God was guiding me on a different path.  I also KNEW that the only way I would get through these first moments, and years, would be His strength and determination inside of me.

So, yes, I say “Happy Birthday!” to me!  I celebrate not the disease, but the LIFE that I have found in living with this disease.  I don’t believe, as a child of God, that He wants me sick, but I do believe that He will use these opportunities to teach us more about Him, and about ourselves.  As I rely more and more upon Him, even in the simple things of life such as pooping :), I find more and more how He is with me, and always has been.

Happy Birthday to me, to this disease, to this….opportunity to show people who is with me, each and every day.

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Posted by on November 13, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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