06 Jan

Okay, the holiday’s are over, life is back to normal. It is time to reset. I’ve had a ton of words running through my head over the past month that I’ve wanted to blog on, but just didn’t have the time or energy. I’m taking this opportunity to tell, mostly myself, that it’s time to start writing again.

There is a ton going on in our life that I want to write about. So many steps forward. In a couple of years my husband and I will be 40, and yet we have had a re-birth of our lives this past year. I’m looking forward to writing about that journey more, and about where it is in the present, and looks like it could be in the future. Pretty cool stuff, if not a bit scary at times…..

I will also continue to blog about this journey with Crohn’s, although those posts are pretty slim these days. Things continue to be about the same, and so I don’t want to bore people with posts on health updates that continually say the same thing. Still, when things happen, I will try to be diligent to write about them. I’m finding more people who are saying no to the major drugs to treat this disease, and doing pretty good using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet like myself in order to gain some control. I think it’s important for us that have gone “off the grid” medically to document, however we can, how this disease is helped (or hurt) by alternative medicine. (I put in the “hurt” part because not every disease can be treated naturally, I believe, and there are some treatments out there that could actually harm a person if not done appropriately or with correct supervision by a professional.) There is legitimacy to the drugs that are out there, but I think a broader view of treating diseases is needed. Instead of being looked at like a crazy person when someone mentions treating a disease with something other than a manufactured drug, I hope that the person would be at least listened to, and not scorned or laughed at. So….I will continue to write about this disease, and how it’s is progressing/regressing without medicine.

All in all, it’s a good time in our lives. I look forward to getting back to sharing it with you. Stay tuned! 🙂

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