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Taking a break….

Well folks, it’s been fun. But, it’s time to take a break from this blog. It served it’s purpose…to journal my initial journey with Crohn’s and how I dealt with it naturally, and how I’ve come back to life through the diagnosis. Now, I just need to take this off my plate, and not feel the pressure to write. I will continue, at some point in time, to journal here. But right now, I’m frankly bored of writing about Crohn’s, and am having difficulty finding my writing voice for other things.

So, I’m placing this blog on hold.

I may still write an occasional entry….when things come. And please, feel free to use this blog as a resource for yourself or others you know who are desiring to treat diseases naturally. I’ve blogged my entire journey, from the first moment I found out the diagnosis of Crohn’s, in the hopes that it will continue to give people courage to look beyond what’s in front of them and dig deeper.

I hope that you will stop back by, in a couple of weeks or so, to see if I’ve come back. I have lots of words that I want to share. I simply need to take the time and ponder and pray about how to reshape this blog for what’s on my heart.

Until then…thank you for reading, and may God bless your own journey through this life with all that He desires to give you.

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Posted by on February 6, 2012 in Crohn's Journal



Oh, this was soooo not good.  I was asked to substitute Kindergarten in the morning today, so I only packed a small snack of almonds and not a full lunch, thinking I would be home and have some soup.  I was only at school for an hour when I was asked to sub for a 6th grade teacher in the afternoon that had an emergency.  Of course I said yes, but that left me needing to have energy enough to teach for an entire day….on just a handful on almonds.  Overall, that doesn’t sound like a bad day.  But…..I of course needed more fuel for my body…coffee wouldn’t get me all the way through….and then the donuts showed up.  A girl in the 6th grade class had a birthday, and the treats her parents brought in were maple donuts.  Yep….that’s not good for me!  I tried to resist, and actually told the guy I could only eat a little.  He said to take a whole one because the rest would just be thrown away.  So, I took a full doughnut.  I ate half.  Then had some coffee, applesauce, and carrots.  I could have survived on just that.  But….the other half of the doughnut just stared at me on the desk.  I finally couldn’t say no, and ate the rest.  It was oh so good….but I can feel a bit of cramping going on now, a few hours later.  I knew I would pay the price, but…part of me wants to say it was understandable….I had to get through the day, right???  But, in reality, it won’t be worth it.  In the short-term, with my body, and in the long-term, with my willpower to resist, knowing I’ve broken down yet again.  I got through the day, but at what price?  I guess we’ll see later tonight and tomorrow.  I have learned my lesson though.  I will get some granola bars that I know I can eat, and will keep them in my car for those moments I am away from home, and need to get something to eat.  I can’t turn down work, but need to make concessions for my diet needs.

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Posted by on February 1, 2012 in Crohn's Journal