Life goes on….

18 Feb

So, my 3-month mark has passed.  I’m feeling pretty “blah” about it all today.  It is what it is, yaddayaddayadda.  Again, I’m not craving any foods.  I would just like a nice piece of bread with butter on it right about now.  Yum…..

I’ve heard about a great site called , I think.  They have some good recipes.  I wonder if there is a good bread recipe that I could try?  “Lucy’s Kitchen” also has good resources and recipes.  Maybe I’m just ready for new foods. 

What sucks though is that I know what works for me right now.  If I add too many new things, I’ll get this wonderful gas-gurgling in my stomach. 

I’m pretty tired today as well.  Hard to have excitement for eating when you are tired.

I guess today I’m just a bit sick of having to watch everything I eat. 

Some days I don’t like the new “normal” in my life.


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Posted by on February 18, 2010 in Crohn's Journal


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