08 Sep

Okay, I WILL make this post a happy one!  I really don’t like that this disease often seems to be only about what bad stuff is going on.  So many people with these type of diseases seem to bemoan the fact that their body is not working right, and I know in my blogging I’ve told you the story of this disease.  HOWEVER….I never want this to be a “poor me, look what’s happening” sort of blog.  So….I’ll tell you what’s going on, just the facts, and then I’ll tell you where my mental state is.  🙂

I’m getting my blood taken again tomorrow.  2nd time in just over a month.  Good thing I’m not afraid of needles or blood.  🙂  We are wanting to keep pretty tight tabs on my thyroid.  If it’s down, I’m brain slow, body sluggish, tired, and cold.  Sometimes a bit down for no reason.  If it’s high, I have a racing heart that feels like anxiety going on most times, and I’m NOT an anxious person!!!  It was low for about a month, then it seemed to level off for about 2-3 weeks, and now this past week I think it’s shot up again.  I laugh and imagine my health in terms of the thyroid as being on a bungee-cord ride.  Up, down, up, down, up, down….wow!  I’ve gotten how to deal with this Crohn’s pretty well.  This thyroid stuff has me buggered though.  I’ll throw in the obligatory “ugh” now, just for impact.  🙂

Because I don’t want to dwell on the negative and what crazy stuff my body is doing, I speak life and normalcy in my day.  I’m a firm believer that if you speak the negative and dwell on the bad, things will get worse.  So, for today, whether I feel it or not, I’m going to smile.  I’m going to laugh.  I’m going to sit on my front porch with a book and a cup of coffee and enjoy the sun.  I’m going to sing….because I can!  I might even sit on my piano and play a few tunes.  I WILL NOT let this disease ruin my day, nor my life.

I’m trying to create a balance with my blogs.  I know in the past few months there has been quite a few posts that would seem “down” and focusing on the bad.  Just know that even though I may be telling about what’s going on, that does not mean that life is all bad or that I’m down.  I simply feel I need to put words to this disease, and the struggles that we are facing in life.  I know it’s all going to be okay.  How do I know this?  Because my hope does not rest in the things of this world.  They rest in Him who saved me, created me, and loves me.  Amen!

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Posted by on September 8, 2011 in Crohn's Journal


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